Once Upon a Time

C O N C E P T U A L * P H O T O S H O O T

Who is this photoshoot for

This photography experience is for those who want something more than ordinary, something away from every day life. For those who want to see themselves as a heroine/hero of their own story. For those who love the world of tales and sagas. For those who find beauty in mystery and adventure and want to let imagination fly free.

Once Upon a Time photoshoot package is unique for each and every customer, I will tailor the experience based on the tale you want to tell. This photoshoot can be booked for any occasion – for graduation photoshoot, maternity photoshoot, photoshoot for children or just because!

Lucia's experience


“The scenes she creates are immersive and beautiful . Kati’s handcrafted costumes and crowns really can change you to what ever you wanna be… She always finds the perfect place and set up for her pictures and her unlimited imagination and talent brings her fairytales to life”

How does it work

We will take time before the photoshoot to discuss, either in person or via video/phone call, to find out what kind of concept is calling for you. We will talk through what are your expectations and dreams and what kind of visions that will bring to my mind. You can have clear ideas yourself and I will do my best to make them come true,  or you can take advantage of my imagination. It always makes me extra happy when people are open to my suggestions. After talking to a person I always get a strong vision about the look and concept, based on what we talked about, and I feel that that is one of the most valuable assets I can offer to my clients. Naturally all ideas will be accepted by you, and essentially it is the team work that ensures the most magical results in the end.

I have large collection of props, accessories, wigs and clothing that is at your use. Some of the items are purchased but most of them are unique hand made pieces designed and made by me. You can also order custom made pieces from me.

I am based in Helsinki area, but you can book me to anywhere (travel costs applicable). We can shoot in a location special and meaningful to you, or I can find and suggest a location based on your wishes, be it a abandon shore line, deep forest, ancient sea cliffs or blossoming gardens. For extra special mountain backdrops I know few special spots in Swiss Alps after living there for few years, just to mention…

My goal is to deliver photos you will love for the rest of your life  and that make you feel like you visited a fairytale, photos that make you see your beauty and feel your strength. But equally important to me is to make the whole experience enjoyable and fun for you, from first contact and planning stages to photoshoot and beyond. It’s not always easy  for everyone to have their photos taken, I know that, and that is why feedback that it’s been easy and relaxed to shoot with me has been precious to me. The tale we will tell together can be emotional, it is OK to express all kind of feelings, but usually there is lots of shared excitement and laughs to make our moments together memorable.

Stiina's exprience


“You have awaken in me that 8 -year old Stiina, who loved to make up stories and who had limitless imagination, who played with imaginary friends and always read a bedtime story. Who fell in love with worlds of Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. I love to reach that child again and that star dust, which fades away when you grow up. You are little bit like Peter Pan!”