Tales few heartbeats away from reality

C O N C E P T U A L * P H O T O A R T


I am a photographer, and so much more:

I am a concept creator and a costume artist.

I am a visual storyteller, illustrator of tales and fantasy worlds.

I am on a mission to bring a touch of magic and mystery into people’s lives.

Languages Finnish and English.

I am Helsinki area based, but you can book me for a photoshoot anywhere

The Guardian


In the deepest and darkest forest a wanderer can sometimes, when the veil between worlds is thin, hear the most beautiful singing calling for them. The song tells of the Treasure most beautiful, but also of loneliness and longing as old as universe. If you follow the call of the song, you will find a place of unearthly beauty. By the  water so black and so deep no one knows where it ends, where  white flowers lay like stars on its surface, there you will see the one who was singing and you have never seen anything as beautiful in all your life. Since the beginning of times she has been called by many names – the Nymf, the Siren, the Mermaid, but she can be called the Guardian, for hers is the lonely duty to guard the Treasure. Many have tried to steal the treasure, many have lost themselves madly in love with her, but all the same -of anyone who followed her call to the black water’s edge, if they were ever seen again, I do not know…